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PIMS As A P.O.S. Terminal

A PIMS terminal can be more than just an Accounting, Order Entry, or Manufacturing Control terminal. It can also double as a standard POS (Point-Of-Sale) terminal, with all of the POS peripherals you would come to expect. These include no less than:
  • Receipt Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Creditcard Swipers
  • Giftcard Reader/Writers
  • Customer Receipt Monitor
  • Electronic Cash Drawers
  • Electronic Scales
  • Custom Devices
Example Of Windows Based Terminal
(You can swap-out the PC for a Mac Mini,
and achieve the same look)
Example Of Macintosh Based Terminal
PIMS has a special "high-speed" POS entry screen that is compact and specifically designed for POS invoicing. This differs from the normal built-in Order Entry screens.
PIMS allows for the automatic "dual-Display" monitor setup used by most Supermarkets. This replaces the old-fashioned "Pole" display method. You can even designate up to five different "Ads" to be displayed along with the Order information. These five Ads can rotate "x" amount of times for "x" amount of time.

Yes, even you can take advantage of PIMS' dual monitor setup. The iMac G5 makes a great terminal, and has an extra connector for another external monitor. A small PC monitor works great (must be 800x600 resolution). Some iMac G5's require a special Apple cable and "Spanning" utility. Contact EDC for more information...

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