“PIMS” - Professional Inventory Management System

Business Software for Macintosh, Windows PC, and Mobile Devices.  Supporting all Industries, since DeskTop computers were first invented.  Yes, we invented DeskTop Computer Point-Of-Sale back in 1980.  Originally offered on the Apple III…

Meet the past, present, and future of Business Automation from the company that kick-started it.

  • Point-Of-Sale
  • Full Order Entry
  • Quotes/Salesorders/Invoices
  • Commercial Inventory Control
  • Fully Integrated Accounting
  • Automated Bookkeeping
  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • Multi-Location
  • RMA Processing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Full Gift Card Processing
  • Customer Management
  • Job Tracking
  • Manufacturing, Kits, Bundles
  • Full Import/Export
  • Customizable Output Forms
  • Service & Repair
  • Full Apple GSX Integration
  • Rental Management
  • Unlimited Price Points
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Serial/Lot Number Processing
  • eCommerse Links
  • Plug-In Technology


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