Backing up your PIMS Datafile is critical!  However, even backing it up to an external hard drive (a must) isn’t enough.  You should really copy that backup “off-site”.  There are many options for Windows PC, but little or nothing for Mac.  Even the “Cloud” backup services available aren’t flexible enough…

Thankfully, the Mac comes with just about everything you need built-in.  Just add an “FTP” site (which most of you have), the “Fetch” app (from AppStore), and you’re good to go!

The Mac has a built-in program called “Automator” (Applications folder).  This allows you to create “Scripts” that can be used to run automated activities on your Mac.  The image to the right shows such a script.  This script does the following:

  • Finds the last PIMS backup in your backups folder
  • “Zips” that backup file
  • Uploads it using the “Fetch” app and your existing “Shortcut”.
  • Quits Fetch afterwards
  • Copies your zipped backup file to the Trash
  • Empties the Trash.

Once you’ve created this script, you can save it as an “Application”.  To run this every night after your backup is finished, simply set this application as an “Open File” alert in the Mac iCal calendar app.  The best setting is to have it run is at 2:00am, with your PIMS backup starting at 11:30pm the following night.

Download this Automator script below:


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